Welcome to the Ströli revolution

What exactly is a Ströli and why do we think you need it. Ströli, a shopping trolley on wheels, sounds a bit something like what your nan would be raving about to you. But there’s so much to Edith’s two wheeled shopping trolley. Let us start at the beginning shall we.

Ströli was born from the idea of wanting to provide a product that people could use with ease, without the negative manufacturing footprint most leave behind. We wanted Ströli to not only work as a robust shopping assistant, but a green one at that. And so the idea was born.

Ströli supports your load with a 100% recycled aluminum frame that can easily hold 24 bottles of wine as you wonder around Tesco a little longer. Your Ströli shopping trolley eliminates the constant need for a plastic carrier bag, simply pop all of your produce right into our brightly coloured AZO & PHAS free bags. If there’s one thing we aren’t huge fans of around here, that’s plastic bags. 300 bags a year, that’s how many plastic bags an average person would acquire from doing a grocery shop without a Ströli. 300 plastic bags polluting our oceans and disrupting our marine life. We can happily eliminate that problem with just one Ströli shopping trolley.

Plastic bags aside, we also wanted to ensure that we are providing a product that would make people’s daily life easier. There’s nothing worse than pulling along 30kgs of your favourite cookies just for your hands to feel battered and bruised before even opening the box. Soft touch handles were a must for the Ströli. Our EVA wheels ensure the only beat you will be listening to is that annoying 5 second clip of that song you heard in a movie once.

We could Ströli on and on about the things we love most about our shopping buddy, but we always say it’s best to try it out for yourselves.

Go on, choose your favourite colour.