Three Ways We Love To Use Our Ströli Shopping Trolley

To some it may just look like a humble shopping trolley with two wheels, but here at Ströli, we know it’s so much more than just that. We wanted to share some of our favourite ways to use our Ströli, and we have a colour for every occasion.

The first and most obvious one is as a shopping assistant. We love how our hands are now free of 10’s of plastic bags all fighting their way to be at the front of your thighs while you are trying to rush to the door. Gone are the days of struggling to find your keys and using all of your chin strength to keep your phone to your ear. A simple pull of a handle and along come the 14 baguettes we bought for pizza subs night.

Picnics. Natures outdoor restaurant where you cater and serve for yourself. Gone are the days of arms laded with blankets, coolers, shoppers and handbags, just pop your charcuterie bits into the 24 litre bag. Along with your drinks, games, hat, wallet, cellphone, gum, lipstick, mask, hand sanitizer and why not the kitchen sink while we are here. Blankets on top and you’re ready to Ströli to your picnic destination.

Our favourite way to use our Ströli shopping trolley is when we recycle. It’s so easy to pop your recyclable materials into our 30kg carrier and off we Ströli to the recycling depot. One more way we like to make it easier for you to help our planet.

We’ve also tested that you can carry 24 bottles of wine, or 300 + avocados, or 430 eggs, or 60 chocolate cakes. You can even let your small breed pooch catch a ride should the mood so strike you.

There are hundreds of ways that we love to use our Ströli shopping trolley, but our favourite way is to see when you use it. Share you Ströli selfies with us, go on, we love to see them.