About Stroli Shopping Trolley

One of the things I am most proud about in setting up Stroli is that I hope it does its own little part in helping make the world a better place.

Think about this very conservative estimate of just plastic bag usage: 2 bags every trip to a shop = 6 bags a week = 24 bags a month = 288 less plastics bags used every year per person.

With a population of over 40m people over the age of 18 in the UK, that comes out as a figure 11 digits long.

About the product

Our products are made from a combination of responsibly sourced materials and recycled materials.   

On top of this, our bags are also AZO & PHAS free. Plus the end of its life it can be fully recycled thus closing the loop.

  • Stroli carries up to 30kg in weight without a struggle.
  • Stroli has a 42-liter bag
  • Stroli has a handy zip pocket on the back outside of the bag plus a bottle carrier on the side.
  • Stroli has quiet running wheels, so no annoying clatter.
  • Stroli has a soft touch handle. So no sore hands.v
  • Stroli is really easy to assemble.

An Update on where we are, at Stroli

  • We have launched.
  • We have proved the concept and made sales.
  • We have TradeMarked Stroli in Europe and the UK.
  • We have gained DesignRights for the Stroli product in Europe and the EU.
  • We have learned from our errors and have also learned from our successes. The one thing we know for sure is the product: its design, its look, and its quality are liked.