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Brighten your load

We’re here to make your shopping trips a pleasure not a pain. no more sore hands or bad backs, more room for those ‘spur of the moment extras’ and… no more plastic bags. All this from a humble shopping trolley bag with wheels. What’s not to like.

Every Ströli is made to the highest standards to provide you with comfort, performance and, dare we say, a stylish shopping trolley. And they’re soooo useful, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one!

Unfold it - fill it - stroll it!

Brilliant reasons to Ströli right now

  • Ströli carries a whopping 30kg without a struggle, in a large capacity 42-litre bag with wheels. That’s enough room for 300 plus avocados or everything you need for a picnic in the park, including a few bottles of something ‘nice and refreshing’
  • Did you hear that? No, nor did !. Ströli has quiet running EVA wheels so no annoying clatter.
  • Sore hands? Hopefully not due to our soft touch handles
  • You want a lightweight, yet strong recyclable aluminum frame? Of course you do – and Ströli has that.
  • Somewhere discreet to keep your cards and cash you say? Ströli has a handy zip pocket on the back of the bag – just for that.
  • Thirsty? Ströli has an easily accessible water bottle carrier on the side.
  • Want to get going in a hurry? Your Ströli is so easy to assemble, you could do it with your eyes closed*
Brilliant reasons to Ströli right now
My Stroli

Plastics are a problem and we all want to do our bit to make things better.

Taking your Ströli to the shops instead of gaining 2 plastic bags every time you go shopping could add up to good things.

2 bags every trip = 6 bags a week = 24 bags a month = 288 less plastics bags used every year!

Let’s make the world a better place – one Ströli at a time.

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